About Us


Our mission at the Sidney Ledson Institute is to raise children’s intelligence. To whatever extent normal academic instruction can contribute to this, our primary goal, it is considered important. And yet, this unusual switch in priorities yields surprising results, for our children not only acquire exceedingly high intelligence, they establish supremely high academic standings as well.

We boost children’s intelligence from the ordinary to the extraordinary – a goal our teachers achieve 100% of the time. Failure is unknown at the Institute. If children need special attention, they receive it. And any topic that is unsuited to small group instruction is taught individually to each child.

The Institute offers enriched academic programs for students up to Grade 6. The achievements of our preschoolers – age two and older – have attracted much media attention during the past 30 years. Preeminent among the newsmakers have been our early readers.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to allow even very young minds to enjoy the fruits of learning.

Our highly trained teaching specialists lead children along the tested path that, throughout history, has yielded intellectual titans:

  • John Stewart Mill
  • Jeremy Bentham
  • Karl Witte
  • William James Sidis
  • Norbert Wiener
  • and others.
The exceptional accomplishments of our children have been described in numerous newspaper and magazine reports, and filmed more than a dozen times for TV programs.

About The Founder

Sidney Ledson, a specialist in teaching technology and motivational strategy has devised a number of teaching systems and devices. His Fundamental French Language Program, when tested by the federal government’s language bureau, outperformed their own multi-million dollar program. His book Teach Your Child to Read in 60 Days (in print twenty-one years) told parents how to lead their children to literacy easily in just spare moments.

Sidney Ledson also wrote Grammar for People Who Hate Grammar, which sold widely in England and Canada. A later work, Teach Your Child to Read in Just 10 Minutes a Day, describes the phonic reading method that inspired the more advanced system of instruction now in use at the Institute. His book Give Your Child Genius IQ describes traditional mind-expanding techniques that similarly contribute to the Institute program.

A Different Kind of Education

Our program is based on the premise that young children are capable of learning matters that are needlessly delayed to a later age. When academic subjects are simplified, children learn easily. Learning to think is the most important component of early education. The Institute program entices children to think by engaging them in activities designed specifically to the task. In this way children secure the rare qualities distinguishing those who lead from those who follow: a minute attention to detail, a heightened ability to concentrate, and confidence to face – and triumph over – tasks that would defeat others.

How do we raise intelligence? We do this by including, at all levels of our curriculum, elements and activities that promote the use of the mind.