Students are given the opportunity to engage in martial arts, chess, various sports, piano, vocal, guitar, Spanish and more.

Field Trips

Throughout the year students partake in field trips to supplement their curriculum studies and to provide a safe exploration of the world outside the school. In addition to visiting museums and other exhibits, outings are arranged to age-appropriate theatrical performances, farms, historical sites, and other interesting venues of education and cultural interest. Occasionally, the outside world comes to us when experts visit to give demonstrations of chemical and animal science and other rare wonders.

Kinder Music

Studies conducted by psychologists, neuroscientists, and early childhood specialists show that music does more than delight children; it generates brain cell activity and raises intelligence (mentioned earlier). Kindermusic’s curriculum is based on this research. Weekly Kindermusic classes are held for the Preschool, JK, and SK classes. Children are introduced to, and learn to play, various percussion instruments, some of which are native to different cultures. Pupils learn about famous composers and, most importantly, develop a sense of rhythm.

Piano Class

Students are taught to use a combination of echoic memory and note recognition as they learn to play the piano. Students are given the opportunity to present songs they have learned in front of the school at a year-end talent recital.

Junior Robotics

This program is designed to introduce young kids to programming and robotics. Using tablets and the LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Kit, students participate in various guided projects each week. These projects spark curiosity and excitement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programming while developing students’ communication and teamwork skills. Kids work in teams, and learn how to be responsible and accountable as they take care of the kits, tablets and work with their teammates.

Senior Robotics

Students work in groups and build and program an EV3 TRACKER Robot!  The program focuses on teaching students how to MOVE their robot efficiently to get them ready for our Advanced Robotics program. Students learn a new programming skill each week. For the final program, students run their robot through the EV3 Obstacle course, competing to see which team is the robot masters! This is a STEM curriculum program, intended to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and math, using problem solving, communication, creativity, planning and teamwork skills.

Chess Club

Students enjoy learning the stimulating game of chess, and through friendly competitions with peers, broaden the scope of their working memory in conceptualizing strategic plays.


All classrooms are equipped with computers. With teachers’ guidance, children learn the power of electronic research and gain media presentation skills. Daily exercises advance keyboard ability. Progress charts record pupils’ advancement.

House Events

House sports, such as volleyball, basketball, soccer and hockey create healthy competition and keep the students physically active while they secure skill of movement and cooperation.

Magic Science Workshop

Students engage in an interactive learning experience to build an understanding of the world of science.

Student Activity & Leadership

Through the year, students engage in activities that promote leadership traits, invite teamwork, and call upon planning strategies: clubs, the production of plays, the organizing and directing of entertaining ‘fairs’, writing for the school magazine: activities that are conducted for and by the students that exercise foresight, planning ability and culminate with the manifestation of a finished work.