Grade 1- 6 Program

Our Grade 1 to Grade 6 program provides academic instruction that far surpasses the requirements set by Ontario Ministry of Education. To illustrate, the Ontario curriculum for math is enriched with advanced supplemental exercises in computing and in problem solving. Individual attention and guidance permits our students to quickly achieve expertise in all subjects, progress of which is recorded daily.

Pupils’ understanding of social studies and of basic science is broadened by an exploration of the world: past, present, and future. Students engage in weekly research activities with teachers guiding and explaining matters individually when needed. Children learn how to search sources, extract information, reflect on the importance and application of the details they have unearthed, document and present them variously as reports, posters, and in Powerpoint. Current events play an important part in our social studies program. Children are encouraged to note, question and reflect on world issues. Intellectual growth is stimulated by encouraging students to ‘think outside the box:’ to assess matter critically and form their own opinions.

We take pride in the excellence of our students’ achievements, seen by their high national scores and their published writings composed for regional, provincial, and national competitions. The Institute program secures entry for our graduates to academically elite secondary schools: the University of Toronto Schools, Upper Canada College and all the others plus, of course, the gifted programs offered in some public schools.