Preschool / JK / SK

The Sidney Ledson Simplified Phonic Reading System is famous for producing readers at age two (some of whom, in fact, learn to read before they are completely toilet-trained). Preschoolers are guided in English usage, vocabulary growth, nature study, elementary geography and French, plus, of course, all the traditional activities youngsters this age enjoy and benefit from: singing, music appreciation, story time, show and tell, and others. The intellectual enrichment preschoolers receive in our preschool and junior kindergarten programs is such that, on graduating to senior kindergarten, they are able to deal with subjects rated as Grade 1 material in the public system; this, initiating a pattern of accelerated advancement that quickens each year. Not surprisingly, by the time our children reach Grade 2 and 3 they are performing at the academic level of public school children several years their senior.