Summer Program

Our summer program is open to students from other schools as well as our regular students. The summer schedule balances academic advancement with outdoor activities.

For pupils in Grade 1 to 6 the summer program provides an academic boost. Visiting pupils are assessed to detect any weaknesses they may have before beginning an acceleration or reinforcement program designed to their needs. Pupils who have already achieved excellence in a subject but have perhaps been inadequately challenged deal with materials better suited to their advanced ability. Those who have either fallen behind or have stopped progressing for one reason or another, (and may in consequence, have lost heart with learning), receive the individual attention, guidance and encouragement they need to move ahead. Remedial reading is offered to students of all ages. Subjects offered during the summer are mathematics, problem solving, critical thinking, both creative and factual writing supplemented by composing journal reports. Research studies in science, in social studies, and in topics of current interest round out the curriculum.

For Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten the summer curriculum is as described earlier. Children receive morning and afternoon reading instruction. Seatwork is followed by mind challenging activities unique to the Ledson program. Youngsters also receive gentle guidance that promotes socially acceptable conduct – notably good manners, cooperation and respect for others – taught by playful activities designed to the task.

Our summer program serves a dual purpose, allowing students to not only advance, but to excel. On securing a boost in morale and a new awareness of their academic capability students can then face a new school year with confidence.