The performance of children at the Sidney Ledson Institute says more about our program than does anything that might be composed, and the achievements of these children is a fair and honest indicator of what our dedicated specialists can do for your child.

Safina Allidina began our program at age 2. By age 4 Safina was working on Grade 2 math and Grade 4 reading. Today she attends a well-known private school in Toronto, having skipped two grades. Her three sisters, who also graduated from the Institute, are performing equally well at that same high school.
Safina Allidina
By age 6, Laurence Batmazian had advanced to Grade 2 material in our program. Laurence could easily read a hundred pages without stopping, and enjoyed books such as H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man and R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island. Laurence now attends a prestigious Toronto private school.
Laurence Batmazian

Ada Cirlia graduated from the Institute several years ago. When her family moved to the United States Ada won the Student of the Year award at her new middle school. She later tested in the 99th percentile in Duke University's Gifted and Talented Program. Ada now plans to attend a university in the United Kingdom.

Ada Cirlia
Daniel Strohe began in our Senior Kindergarten and, on eventual graduation, attended Upper Canada College. Daniel is now studying at a prestigious U.S. high school.
Daniel Strohe
Birunthaa Jeyanandan who started at the Institute in Senior Kindergarten, has now graduated and excels in the Gifted Program at a public school.
Birunthaa Jeyanandan
Nedda Sarshar started at the Institute in Senior Kindergarten. Today, she excels in the gifted program at a public school.
Nedda Sarshar
Corwin Lum entered our Preschool program at age 3. By Grade 4 Corwin's reading tested at the Grade 11 level. His entry in a national writing contest was published in an anthology of short stories. Corwin's above‚Äďaverage math abilities will be invaluable in his pursuit of a career in aircraft design.
Corwin Lum